Category: Bevrages

Kolkata Style Egg Roll

The Egg roll is the most popular street food of Kolkata, it is also known as “Kolkata Egg Kathi Roll”.This is a tasty and filling wrap sold in the street side food stall that’s loaded […]

Kolkata Style Egg Devil

Egg Devil or Egg Cutlet or Dimer chop Bengali style is the most famous and unique street food of Kolkata which every food lovers like to eat specially kids likes it, Egg devil is very […]

Potato cutlet

Potato cutlet is an easy and deep fried tea time snacks which are loved by everyone, which is prepared with boiled potato and bread crumbs and other dry spices. Potato Cutlet is also famous street […]

Kaju halwa

Kaju halwa is a traditional North Indian sweet that is prepared during the festive season, Kaju halwa is most delicious and healthy dessert which is loved by everyone, cashew is very helpful for a healthy […]

Bread Pakoda

Bread Pakora is a favourite breakfast and tea time snacks at our home which are loved by everyone especially children love to eat it, and it is a popular street food of India and great […]

Lauki kofta

Lauki kofta is very tasty and healthy dish lauki is healthy for our health, lauki kofta is very delicious recipes which is loved by everyone. Here I have made a dish easy way and home-made […]

Chane Dal Halwa

Chana dal halwa is very delicious dessert which everyone loves to eat and it is very easy to cook and yummy to eat. It makes perfect 30 minutes to cook and required a few ingredients […]

Bread Roll

The bread roll is very crispy and tasty snacks which are loved by every one child or adult everyone like it. The taste of potato in a bread roll is so delicious, and it required […]